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A story about luck and prosperity. A story about Luca.

  • by Liona Lim

Felicity Dumplings

This story is about an elderly woman who lived happily together with her cat Luca. Luca was the one greeting her good morning and wishing her sweet dreams at night. Whenever the lady was busy in her kitchen Luca was always watching her from the doorpost. They enjoyed each other’s company greatly, without needing words to express their appreciation.

On a dark day the lady experienced a few misfortunes for which she was forced to give up her beloved pet. She missed him greatly when she came home from doing groceries with no one to greet her at the door. It hurt her greatly, but she was consoled by the fact that her cat is now adopted into a loving young family. A few days after the adoption placement, the elder woman started having dreams about Luca. He looked different than the furry friend she has known for many years. He looked much more like a robot version with shiny gold whiskers. However, by the joy he sparked in her, she knew it was him. The familiar look in his eyes just told her it was. That night she received an important message in her dreams  “Always keep a place for me in your heart and home for it will bring you good luck and fortune. The best times are always lying ahead of you, my dear buddy”.


Inspired by her dream, the lady started to crafted her family recipe dumplings the next morning. This time round, she would not only share this great delicacy with her neighbors, but with the whole village. She opened a little stand in her front yard with a table, a nice cloth and a little platform. On this platform she displayed a drawing of the lucky cat that appeared in her dreams. Above the stand the lady draped a homemade banner. In graceful writing it said: Felicity Dumplings.


The stand created great traction in the village. All types of people came to have a taste of the Felicity Dumplings. After a few weeks, people from all over the country took the trip to try out the delicacy from the old lady with the cat drawing. As Felicity Dumplings grew, so did the old lady’s prosperity. Soon she was able to adopt Luca back to her home.

The two were reunited once again and love each other as if they were never separated. Business was doing so well that the lady no longer needed to sell dumplings. Fortunately for the people who are now hooked on her dumplings she still does. But now she solely creates for the joy of creation. After the big reunion, whenever the lady stood in her dumpling stand, Luca would accompany her and greet all the customers.

Introducing Buddy of Eternal Joy Luca

This is just one stories that tells a manifestation of our buddy Luca. You might recognize him as a lucky cat, placed in front of stores and businesses for luck and prosperity. It is believed that he waves in the customers with that cute paw.

Bring Luca’s luck and prosperity to you

At BOEJ we love the idea of spreading luck and prosperity in addition to joy. Therefore, we are happy to include this buddy in our collection. Just like in the story, but better, we have our Luca art print. This print will brighten up any space. And if we may believe the legend, it will bring you extra prosperity to add the art print in your (home) office or business. Click here to check it out.


More the wearing your luck all day with you type? We got you with our sweaters featuring these buddies of eternal joy in energy lines on black/grey or popping color.

Let us know which one is your favourite! And share your lucky stories with us.




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