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Hey buddy! How great that you’ve found us! 

We are the Buddies of Eternal Joy®, here to bring you – you guessed it – JOY into your adventure that is life. We believe that joy is worth spreading. In our opinion it’s found in the big and small things. Being joyful is a way of life. Sometimes you might forget this in the daily madness. In that case the buddies are here to remind you. These are aesthetic reminders for the world to see, in your home and on your tee. 

BOEJ is an acronym for Buddies of Eternal Joy®. The buddies are the stars on each of our items. They will accompany you throughout your day so you’ll never be alone. Our buddies are a reminder to always listen to that little voice we all have within us. Whether it is warning us to keep us save or to crack us up with an inside joke, let the buddies inspire you to always give space to your inner child.

The Buddies of Eternal Joy® are galactic beings. They manifest from the feelings of joy. Through the one that creates for the joy of creation they are able to manifest anywhere in the universe. First they appear as a flash of inspiration through one's imagination. Energized with inspiration one creates the buddies in his own world and let them radiate joy wherever they go. The robotic body serves as a vessel to house their soul in our physical world. That way they can interact with us. You’ll get to know the buddies soon as they each have their own unique soul and personality. 

With this brand the Lim siblings would like to introduce you to a life full of joy. We believe that we create a brighter world by spreading joy through our designs. We also believe that joy is and should be accessible from anywhere, therefore we choose to offer you our products through this online platform.

Let’s enjoy the BOEJ universe together.