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About the buddies

Meet our Buddies Of Eternal Joy, the inhabitants of the BOEJ Universe and carriers of joy. Get to know them and find out which one is for you!


Luca is the BOEJ residential lucky cat, symbolizing luck and prosperity to those he accompanies. He’s a cheerful little fella which you can recognize by his chonky features. His favorite colors are red and gold. If you’re in the game for that boost of joy and luck, Luca is your guy.


The curious and playful Muci is your companion for all your daily adventures. Muci is most happy when he can follow where his curiosity tells him to go, over the mountains and crossing the river. Remember how you loved playing outside and discovering the world when you were a nine-year old kid? That’s exactly Muci’s spirit!


The always good looking Miba is here to bring you confidence. Miba enjoys the early mornings for his workout and breathing exercises. He’s bursting with so much confidence, it rubs off on those around him. With his lion’s mane he’s here to bring you courage so you can rock your day.


Shy, light spirited and bubbly is what we can describe our little Kio. Kio has a silvery voice, reminding us of our inner conscience. Kio has a big fascination for flowers and everything that blooms. For good spirit and positivity, Kio is your buddy.


When you’re in need of a great friend, Fenn is the one you’d want to turn to. He is a great listener and we trust him with all our secrets. He always has our back. With his sharp looking features he is a great listener, knowing just the right and funny things to say. Let Fenn inspire you to move swiftly and elegantly.


Pugira is the funny, mighty and proud ball of energy of the buddies. With his husky voice Pugira knows how to cheer anyone up. He’s in his element when he’s pounding his chest while being lit by the sun. It makes him look majestic, according to himself.


Aum is the wise and serene buddy and the one we turn to for peace at BOEJ HQ. His blue face reminds us of the blue sky and the clarity it brings. For the chill vibes, Aum is your buddy of choice.